To be the leading development organization working towards development of aquaculture and fisheries sector, improving access to information and low cost production technologies for use in sustainable integrated farming systems for livelihoods

To improve livelihoods.


  • To improve food and nutrition security of vulnerable communities in Zimbabwe.
  • To improve the incomes and livelihoods of vulnerable smallholder farmers in Zimbabwe.
  • To build an innovative ecosystem approach to aquaculture and fisheries promoting sustainable utilization of water and fish resources.
  • To increase equitable and sustainable access to, and use of, safe water and basic sanitation services, and promote improved hygiene.

Governance structure
AQZ has a board composed of a chairperson, vice chairperson, Secretary, Vice Secretary, Treasurer and committees, namely Legal Advisory, Finance and Programs. The board meets at least once every quarter and on an annual general meeting yearly. However the board can have adhoc meetings to consider key program issues on request. It has a Director who runs the day to day activities of the organisation.

AQZ has 21 members of staff housed in three key units of Technical (covering fisheries, aquaculture, health and nutrition, WASH, extension support), Finance and Administration and Programmes Support (covering monitoring and evaluation, knowledge management, farm enterprise development and project development). AQZ maintains a roster of trained and experienced humanitarian and development professionals who can be called in as need arises.

Management structure

Financial management
AQZ has efficient and effective financial and administrative control systems enchanted in the organisation’s Policy and Procedure Manual. AQZ has strong and dependable financial management systems that go beyond basic accounting standards with efficient and effective resource management for best possible programme delivery. Moreover, AQZ has a record of timeous monitoring, reporting and accounting for donor funds and in line with donor/stakeholder requirements. The organisation has strong ability to manage finance successfully and this is evidenced by good audit ratings achieved from time to time.

Accountability capacity
AQZ has extensive knowledge in implementing a number of livelihood and resilience programs in Zimbabwe for over nine years. AQZ subscribes to the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Code of Conduct, Humanitarian Principles, SHERE standards, IASC code of conduct, minimum requirements on Gender in Emergencies and Principles against Child abuse and sexual exploitation in programing. AQZ has a good working relationship and maintains active communication with beneficiaries, local traditional leadership, government, quasi-government, other development and humanitarian actors working in the districts of operation.